神话牧马人犬舍成立于2005年,是NGKC、世界犬业联盟(FCI)及中国犬业协会(CKU)永久注册犬舍。我们的犬舍位于中国西南风景秀美、人杰地灵的天府之国 -- 成都。Myth Akitas Kennel was established in 2005. It is one of the permanent registration kennels of NGKC, FCI and CKU. Our kennel is in Chengdu city, the Land of Abundance, with beautiful nature scenery and outstanding culture in southwestern China.

衷心欢迎您访问我们的网站并进入美系秋田犬的世界!希望我们的努力能对您了解美系秋田犬的犬种特征、生活习性、饲养方式、以及繁育后代和选购幼犬有所帮助。我们在2005年认识并拥有了我们的第一只来自澳大利亚的秋田犬。从那一刻开始,威武雄壮、忠诚善良、气质非凡的美系秋田犬就成为我们生活中最亲密的伙伴。经过多年的努力以及国外同行的专业指导,我们已经从一名爱好者逐渐成长为专业和热情的美系秋田犬的繁育者。我们始终致力于为保存和保护美系秋田犬。作为专业和负责任的繁育者,我们坚持和鼓励我们的客户在繁育过程中选择身体健康、结构标准、 基因优秀和气质独特的双亲。我们相信通过我们坚持不懈的努力,美系秋田犬的品种特性和天然品质将得到保证。Welcome to visit our website and enter the world of Akitas! We are working hard with the hope to help you know more about the character, life habit, way of feeding, breeding and puppy selection. We met and had our first Akita from Australia in 2005. From that moment, Akita, which is strong and maganificent, kind and loyalty, and with remarkable quality, bacame the closest companion in our life. Through years of our hard working and the professional guidance from overseas Akita breeders,we grew to be a professional and passionate Akita breeder from just an Akita fun. We devote ourselves to protect and preserve Akitas. As a professional and responsible breeder, we encourage our clients to selelct the parents with healthy body, standard shape, excellent gene and unique temperament for breeding and we strongly insist in that.We believe the character and nature quality of Akitas will be full guranteed through our insistant hard working.

我们严格遵循美国犬业协会(AKC)1972年制定的标准,致力于繁殖拥有协调平衡的结构、忠诚温顺的性格、威武高雅的气质的美系秋田犬。无论您是用来繁殖、比赛或是作为伴侣犬,我们都努力为您提供最大的帮助和支持,血统高贵、体型标准、骨骼健壮!我们拒绝对他们的种类和外形的任何变更和破坏行为!美系秋田犬具有护卫、伴侣等特性,是可以陪伴您一生的好伙伴。他们会带着可爱、忠诚、勇敢等品性走进您的家庭,融入您的生活。当您准备考虑让他(她)们加入您的家庭时,请您一定在充分了解他(她)们的生活习性之后再做决定,因为他(她)们一旦进入您的家庭,您就已经对我们承诺了他(她)们会一生幸福、快乐!如果您购买了我们的幼犬或成年犬,请和我们一起遵循:不弃不离、照顾一生!同时在他们的一生中,我们真诚的期望您和我们保持联系并非常乐意接收您的相关咨询。We follow strictly to the AKC principles formulated in 1972 and are dedicated to breed Akitas with standard balanced shape, kind and loyalty personality, mighty and elegant temperament. No matter for breeding, showing or companion, we do our best to support you and provide Akitas of excellent pedigree, good shape and strong body! We refused anything that change or destroy this kind of brand and appearance! Akitas can be a lifetime companion as they possess the feature of guarding and companying. They are lovely, loyalty and brave, they go to your family and integrate into your life. When you consider to take him or her to your home, please do fully know about his or her life habit before making your decision. Once he or she becomes a part of your family, it means you promise us you will give him or her a happy life! If you purchase a puppy or an adult Akita from us, please follow the principle together with us: Never abandon, Care for a lifetime! Meanwhile, we sincerely hope to keep in touch with you and we are glad to response any of your consulting.

少而精的繁殖数量是我们多年来一贯遵循的准则,神话牧马人犬舍为保证幼犬的健康和品质每年只繁殖1-2窝幼犬,因为我们要让他(她)们得到足够的休养并有更多的时间来享受生活,享受和我们在一起的日子。为了和他(她)们充分享受生活、分享快乐,多年来,我们一直致力于为他(她)们提供良好的生活环境和开阔的运动空间。Smaller quantity and Better quality is our breeding rules for years. Myth Akitas only breed1-2 litters every year to guarantee the quality and healthy of the puppies and enough time for recuperating, also we want to make much more time for them to enjoy life and enjoy the time with us. We provide them with good living condition and wide open exercise spaces to enjoy and share a happy life with us.

在这里我们要衷心感谢我们的美国同行们,他(她)们是:Gabe Lynch、Madelyn Goss女士、Arland先生等,感谢神话牧马人在他们的专业指导下进行科学和有序的繁育。衷心感谢他们给予我们的大力支持、热心帮助和专业指导!感谢他们为神话牧马人提供的血统高贵的美系秋田犬!同时也感谢和我们合作的国内伙伴们。由衷希望美系秋田犬这个风靡欧美的优秀犬种为广大爱犬人士带来无比的快乐和幸福!真诚的期待您在适当的时候光临我们的犬舍,给我们以指导并和我们并共同探讨和交流。请和我们一起享受和他(她)们在一起的日子!Here we would like to express our sincere thanks to our fellow breeders in the U.S., they are Mr Gabe Lynch, Ms. Madelyn Goss, Mr.Arland. We are appreciated of their kind help, great support and professional guidance! We are grateful to them for providing us the best blood Akitas and guidance on breeding. We also want to thank our domestic partners.Sincerely hope Akitas that are so popular in Europe and U.S. would bring you great happiness! Welcome to visit our kennel! We expect to communicate with you and benefit from your advice. Welcome to share our enjoyment with Akitas ! ondition and wide open exercise spaces to enjoy and share a happy life with us.

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